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Danny Rhys is an emerging underground House DJ/Producer from London, UK under the House Duo Alias “6FTSHORT”. Formed in 2014 by Danny and Lewis Thatcher, two exceptionally talented DJ’s/Producers. In an astonishingly short space of time 6ftShort have formed a growing fan­ base, played at the capital’s biggest clubs and released records on Mark Radford’s […]

I was sitting with Raz (now DJ Raz) over a beer at Christmas when he said to me he is getting back into DJ’ing. Suddenly it dawned on me that life had become so dull, doing the same old job, being a slave to Amazon. It was time to do something completely different. So Planet […]

Born in the dark times of communism, I grew up in the 80s with the music of Modern Talking, Madonna, B.Z.N. , Michael J. , Bad Boys Blue and the list can carry on for another page or two. In early 90s I decided to start my DJ career. I’m from Romania and I’m from […]

Jon is a professional DJ on the club circuit and regularly DJ’s at MuMu’s and The Source in Maidstone. With decades of experience in DJ’ing, Jon now broadcasts regularly on local radio stations, but his real passion is passing on his love and knowledge of how to DJ. To achieve this he started the Kent […]

Paolo Tossio is specialised in House Music, Tech House & Techno but with so many years of experience as a DJ and Music Producer his record Box is very vast, so expect the unexpected.

I’m Kelly and I’m really pleased to be able to play some of my favourite tunes to you all. I grew up in a musical house and its fair to say I sang and danced through my childhood. When I reached my teenage years I couldn’t wait to go clubbing, as soon as I could, […]

My name is Dan, I was born in the year 1972; and apparently this makes me older than the first mobile phone ever invented. As a young lad growing up in the leafy suburbs of London, it was pretty bleak looking back, but we always made fun whenever we could, and looking back I wouldn’t […]

I was born in London’s East End in 1970. It was a cultural melting pot of music and being from a large family I was exposed to an eclectic range of music genres, anything from classical to pop, from rock to motown. In the early 1980’s I thought I had found my niche, I became […]

Music has always been a huge part of my life, the first four albums I remember my parents playing for me are Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater (early classical choral music), Benny Goodman’s King Of Swing (30’s jazz), ABBA’s Arrival (70’s pop) and Gipsy Kings eponymous album (gypsy flamenco). 30 years later I still love those four […]

I like many types of music, I have been given a lot of stick for liking Michael Bolton! But hip-hop is my passion and it’s something that I stumbled across by accident. Some time in the early 90s my younger brother had managed to get hold of a copy of Dr. Dre’s first album The […]

Hello Everyone, I am Danielle and thank you for listening to some of my favourite music from the Carribean. I was born in the early nineties when I suppose the rave scene was just starting to kick off. Being young and not yet in my teenage years I never really connected to that genre of […]

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