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A celebration of female songwriters, composers & artists by Elizabeth de Brito


This will be a series of shows on at 5pm every Tuesday, so please tune in to hear more.

In all my studies of various genres I’ve always wondered where all the women are, all the classical composers I knew were white men, all the famous rock bands are exclusively white men, all the musicals are just written by white men. It’s always plagued me that every genre of music is so male dominated with a male dominated history. Apart from singers, women don’t seem to really play much of a part.

In the last month I’ve discovered that that’s not entirely true, in actual fact there have been lots of fantastic female composers, hundreds of incredible all female rock bands and more than a few really great musicals written by women. I’m not just talking about the past ten years.

My show is going to combine my eclectic taste in music with my desire to unearth these phenomenal musicians and composers. Each week I’ll take you on a journey encompassing the whole time and space of music creation, from classical to metal to Brazilian bossa nova and everything in between. Together we’ll discover all the phenomenal women that are and have been creating music – the all female rock bands, video game composers, songwriters, bandleaders, conductors and more. We will discover ‘The Daffodil Perspective’. Below is a playlist of what you have been listening to.

Playlist Episode 1

1. Overture to En Voyage – Elisabeth Lutyens (1944 classical)
2. Forge Ahead – Shirley Mier (2004 wind band)
3. Castlevania Symphony of The Night Prologue and Metamorphosis 1 – Michiru Yamane (1997 video game soundtrack)
4. Belle Main Titles and Portrait Revealed – Rachel Portman (2014 film score)
5. Swing Shift – International Sweethearts of Rhythm (1944 big band swing)
6. Lullaby from Baby to Baby – Elizabeth Swados (1978 musical
7. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Valerie Simpson and Nicholas Ashford performed by Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye (1967 RnB soul)
8. That Kind Of Girl – Precious Metal (1988 hair metal/glam rock)
9. Minds Ablaze – Godessa (2004 South African hip hop)
10. Haifa Kamal – Naya (2015 Jordanian music)
11. Mr Cake – Ikonika (2013 dubstep/dance house)
12. Red Rocking Chair – Coon Creek Girls 1933 Appalachian folk)
13. Carry On – Oreskaband (2014 Japanese ska)
< strong>Playlist for Episode 2:

1. Boys I Dated In High School – The Prettiots (2015 alternative pop/rock)
2. Tron Theme – Wendy Carlos (1982 electronic film score)
3. He’s A Tramp – Peggy Lee (1950’s Disney musical)
4. Cancao De Amor – Bebel Gilberto (2007 Bossa nova/downtempo)
5. Romance – Germaine Tailleferre ( 1913 French classical music)
6. Can’t Fight The Moonlight – Diane Warren performed by LeAnn Rimes (2000 pop)
7. Some Hearts – Diane Warren performed by Kelly Levesque (2000 pop)
8. UNITY – Queen Latifah (90’s hip hop)
9. Fishermen – Nerija (2016 jazz)
10. MegaMan Battle Network OST 1 and 2 – Akari Kaido (2001 video game music)
11. Pieces of 8 – Carolyn Bremer (wind band music)

Playlist Episode 3:

1. Piano Sonata No 2, 1st Movement – Marianne von Martines
2. East Hapsburg Waltz – Isle of Klezbos
3. Wir Sind Die Homosexuallen Frauen – Flying Lesbians
4. Ball n Chain – Big Mama Thornton
5. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess soundtrack- Asuka Ohta
6. Murder Ballad – Murder Ballad the Musical – Julianna Nash and Julia Jordan
7. The Full Monty – Anne Dudley
8. Moscas en las Casa – Shakira
9. Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega
10. Jumpstart – Carol Brittin Chambers
11. Pieces of Me – Performed by Ashlee Simpson, written by Kara DioGuardi and Ashlee Simpson
12. Brand New Day – Performed by Demi Lovato, written by Kara DioGuardi.

Playlist Episode 4:

1. Journey to The Past – Anastasia 1997 Musical – lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
2. At The Same Time – performed by Barbra Streisand, written by Ann Hampton Callaway
3. The Nanny Theme Song – written and performed by Ann Hampton Callaway
4. Burung Kakaktua – Dara Puspita
5. With Or Without Contol- Sahara Hotnights
6. Wamato – Les Aamazones de Guinee
7. Who Dared To Wound Thee from Wilde OST – Debbie Wiseman
8. Polonaise in F Minor – Maria Szymanowska
9. Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Guardian Of Light Theme – Ayako Saso
10. Are You Thinking – Deniece Williams
11. Rapper’s Delight performed by SugarHill Gang – produced and co-written by Sylvia Robinson
12. Tirana – Carol Barnett
13. Sitting Down Here – Lene Marlin

Playlist Episode 5:

1. Get This Party Started – perfomed by Pink, written by Linda Perry
2. Beautiful – performed by Christina Aguilera, written by Linda Perry
3. Butter Boy – Fanny
4. Lured Away – Fanny Walked The Earth
5. Simian’s Segue/Candy’s Love Song from Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack – Eveline Fischer
6. KatGirl – Jazz In Pink
7. One Life Beautiful – Julie Giroux
8. Four Sketches for Piano, 1 and 2 – Amy Beach
9. Margarita’s Cha Cha from Margarita OST – Germaine Franco
10. Proud Corazon from Coco OST – Germaine Franco
11. Tu Si Sabes Quererme – Natalia laFourcade
12. Babalu – performed by Catarina Valente, written by Margarit

Playlist Episode 7:
1. Snow in Venice – Elizaveta
2. Freight Train – Elizabeth Cotten
3.Terpsichorean Dances – Jodie Blackshaw
4. Twinleaf Town and Surf from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Soundtrack – Hitomi Sato
5. Fervor – Alluxe
6. Blues for Toshiko – Toshiko Akiyoshi
7. Ciaccona -Francesca Caccini
8. I Love You Truly – performed by the McGuire Sisters, composed by Carrie Jacobs Bond
9. Tembleque – Las Mosquitas
10. Expression – Salt n Pepa
11. As We Stumble Along – The Drowsy Chaperone
12. F*** You – Garfunkel and Oates
13. Man I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain a Lecuona
13. From My Heart To Yours – Laura Izibor

Playlist Episode 8:
1. Opportunity from Annie 2014 – co-written by Sia
2. Diamonds – co-written by Sia, performed by Rihanna
3. Domino – Jessie J
4. Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling
5. Dhwani – Kaushiki’s Sakhi
6. Asteria – Seraph Brass, composed by Catherine McMichael
7. Cape Breton Postcard, composed by Catherine McCmichael
8. Redial from Bomberman Hero, written by Jun Chikuma
9. Sonic and the Secret Rings – Le Club Bachraf
10. Rainy Daze – Monday Michiru
11. Fine and Dandy – written by Kay Swift, performed by Anita O’Day
12. Cherry Bomb – The Runaways

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