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Back in the early 80's, most dance music was an underground scene with the music never being played on mainstream radio stations. At best you may get a one hour show in the early hours. There was so much good music made at that time and on these shows we will explore it

Back in the early 80’s, you had to work hard to find the music that you loved. Just trying to find it on the radio was a mission in itself. If you wanted to find the true stuff, you had to search hard for pirate stations like JFM, Horizon & Invicta who would play the latest sounds from America, however frequently they would be off air due to police raids! Once you had discovered what you were looking for, buying it was another huge task. The good stuff would only be available on an import label (expensive!) and you would have to travel up to Bluebird Records in London’s Soho to find your treasure. How different from finding today’s music. It’s great that it’s so accessible, but the effort and passion of the 80’s has been lost.

80’s Funk and Soul is enjoying a renasissance today where the likes of Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson who are producing derivative music based on those times. If you like it, you will love this show. There are so many hidden gems from the period that never made an impact on the UK charts, and we’ll be playing them here. In my opinion, they have so much heart and soul when compared to much of today’s over-produced music. You be the judge!

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Geoff Mack – AKA The Mackdaddy

Aurra – Are you single
Slave – Just a touch of love
Steve Arrington – Way Out
Kashif – Lover turn me on
Keni Burke – Let Somebody Love You
Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day – Come let me love you
TS Monk – Candidate for love
Freeez – Southern Freeez
Loose Ends – Hanging on a string
Linx – You’re Lying
Central Line – Walking into Sunshine
Level 42 – Love Games
Young & Co – I like what you are doing to me
Toney Lee – Reach Up
Brandi Wells – Watch Out
Eighties Ladies – Turned on to you
BB&Q Band – On the Beat
Goldie Alexander – Show you my love
Glenn Jones – I am somebody
Donald Byrd – Love has come around
Gap Band – Outstanding
Rick James – Ghetto Life
Teena Marie – I need your loving
Linda Taylor – You and me just started
Change – Searching
Al McCall – Hard Times
Northend – Happy Days
Stone – Time
Peech Boys – Don’t make me wait
Kleeer – Get tough
Oneness of Juju — Every way but loose
Cameo – Freaky Dancin’
Brass Construction – Movin’
Candido – Jingo
Xavier – Work that sucker to death
Parliament – Aqua Boogie
George Clinton – Loopzilla

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