I like many types of music, I have been given a lot of stick for liking Michael Bolton! But hip-hop is my passion and it’s something that I stumbled across by accident. Some time in the early 90s my younger brother had managed to get hold of a copy of Dr. Dre’s first album The […]

When I was a teenager, I used to travel every week up to Camden Palace.  Here you rubbed shoulders with people like Boy George & Steve Strange, but you never felt out of place because we dressed to stand out and in here we were all equal. It was the “normal” people that were weird. […]

I grew up in Walthamstow, East London listening to my mum’s classic soul music, Aretha, Stevie, Motown, and what is called “Northern” Soul. As I found my own music tastes, I grew into hip-hop, much to my mum’s disgust. But as a black girl growing up in that era, in a fairly rough area, I […]

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