Michele Weedon shows

When I was a teenager, I used to travel every week up to Camden Palace.  Here you rubbed shoulders with people like Boy George & Steve Strange, but you never felt out of place because we dressed to stand out and in here we were all equal. It was the “normal” people that were weird. The 80’s was a very exciting time for music and culture, there were so many different scenes competing with each other. My most memorable concert was being able to attend the original Live Aid concert, probably the greatest ever concert ever! I was also lucky to be able to see David Bowie several times.


I have calmed down a little since those hedonistic teenage years. I love Mediterrean countries, particularly Turkey. I love the laid back culture and the fact the country doesn’t shut at 11pm like Britain. I have developed a love of the music also and in addition to showcasing some of my 80’s catalogue, I would like to introduce you to the delights of some Turkish artists.

Planet of Sound #1

Live From Maidstone

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