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The Golden Age of Hip-Hop

The alternative sound of Black music

I like many types of music, I have been given a lot of stick for liking Michael Bolton! But hip-hop is my passion and it’s something that I stumbled across by accident. Some time in the early 90s my younger brother had managed to get hold of a copy of Dr. Dre’s first album The Chronic. I hadn’t heard anything quite like it, it was a huge record and it made me want to discover more about rap and hip-hop.

From then onwards I would go to record stores and seek out whatever they had, New York, West Coast, Down South, everything. This was still pre-internet, so you had to go out and actually physically get your hands on a copy if you wanted something. 1993 to 1997 was the golden era of rap music, a period that spawned on average a classic album every month. There are so many great songs that went under the radar though. So that’s gonna be the focus, I want to introduce you to the records that influenced my life, and I guarantee I will be pushing tracks that you maybe don’t know about, and that you need to know about!

Planet of Sound #1

Live From Maidstone

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