Elizabeth De Brito

Music has always been a huge part of my life, the first four albums I remember my parents playing for me are Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater (early classical choral music), Benny Goodman’s King Of Swing (30’s jazz), ABBA’s Arrival (70’s pop) and Gipsy Kings eponymous album (gypsy flamenco). 30 years later I still love those four albums very much. With an intro like that I was never just going to stick to one genre.

Growing up the emphasis was on classical music. I studied the piano and clarinet to a high standard, playing in several orchestras, wind bands and ensembles in school and during the holidays. My parents had a lot of classical on CD and Radio 3 was always on during the school run, they also took me to lots of concerts, operas and ballets.  We also had a smattering of other music in the house – some pop, some musicals, some calypso, some smooth jazz, all of which I loved.

As an adult I’ve systematically been teaching myself and embracing– well everything else, I started with rock, soul, hip hop, RnB, disco, punk then moved onto jazz, English folk, Balkan music, Brazilian music, you get the picture.

In 2012 I had the privilege of working in the audio section of the massive HMV in Piccadilly Circus for the year before it closed.  I was in charge of all the ‘Specialities’ section, all the jazz, folk and world music, all the really interesting non mainstream stuff.  It was great, I already knew and liked so much of this music, I got to share and pass on my knowledge and passion to all the customers and I got to discover hundreds more amazing artists.

When the store closed I vowed I would make it back to London, only 18 months later I got my wish and I’ve been in London nearly 4 years now.  I came back specifically to be involved with music but surviving has kept getting in the way and I haven’t been able to do much except find hundreds more bands and venues that I love.  Until now, thanks to Planet of Sound

My show is going to combine my eclectic taste in music with my desire to unearth these phenomenal musicians and composers.

My show:

In all my studies of various genres I’ve always wondered where all the women are, all the classical composers I knew were white men, all the famous rock bands are exclusively white men, all the musicals are just written by white men. It’s always plagued me that every genre of music is so male dominated with a male dominated history. Apart from singers, women don’t seem to really play much of a part.

In the last month I’ve discovered that that’s not entirely true, in actual fact there have been lots of fantastic female composers, hundreds of incredible all female rock bands and more than a few really great musicals written by women. I’m not just talking about the past ten years.

My show is going to combine my eclectic taste in music with my desire to unearth these phenomenal musicians and composers. Each week I’ll take you on a journey encompassing the whole time and space of music creation, from classical to metal to Brazilian bossa nova and everything in between. Together we’ll discover all the phenomenal women that are and have been creating music – the all female rock bands, video game composers, songwriters, bandleaders, conductors and more. We will discover ‘The Daffodil Perspective’.

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