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Europe Dances Together

Born in the dark times of communism, I grew up in the 80s with the music of Modern Talking, Madonna, B.Z.N. , Michael J. , Bad Boys Blue and the list can carry on for another page or two. In early 90s I decided to start my DJ career. I’m from Romania and I’m from a small town located in the middle of Carpathian mountains, where there were only two places where you could dance at the weekend. One of these places was very important for me. This club located in a small wine cellar, where the only DJ equipment you could find was a cassette player, amplifier and 2 speakers. From where I’m from, we have always made the most of what little we had. I didn’t have much musical knowledge when I started my DJ career but I was willing to learn and I had a real passion for the music and I became a known DJ in my area. I started playing the music of DJ Bobo, Backstreet Boys, Mr. President or Fun Factory and many others well known in Eastern Europe where the musical culture is different than western culture.

I am now so happy to return to the field after a 15 years away from the decks. So much has changed, so much different equipment! What hasn’t changed is my passion for the music! I’m now fully trained on all the latest equipment and I can mix with the best. A bold claim, but one I now have to back up on our station.

Then……and now







I hope Planet of Sound is the project that everyone will talk about and I hope that you will listen to my shows. The music I will play will vary from Neurohop to New jack Swing, to Euro Hip Hop or Trance, to Deep house and Oriental House. All you have to do is check out our website and find out the times when these shows will be played. Let’s just relax and have fun. The best music never dies and you can only find it here with me, DJ Raz, online at Planet of Sound.

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Live From Maidstone

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