The Best New Music of 2017 – Top 30

Written by on 2nd February 2018

Here’s my top 30 from 2017 and some of the reasons why. We will put it out on a show to be broadcast soon. Of course if you disagree, please tell us why in the comments section below and tell me what I am missing.

30 Dave – ‘Question Time’ It’s a bloke writing about politics and it isn’t Galway Girl
29 Shame – ‘Tasteless’ Is this a return to proper guitar bands. Great sound, great lyrics
28 Katy Perry – ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ I love Katy, perfect guilty pleasure pop Feels 80’s.
27 Drake – ‘Passionfruit’ Just like his voice, he’s singing about fruit, right?
26 Gorillaz – ‘Strobelite’ Feel’s very retro and new at same time. Pevan Everitt, what a voice!
25 LCD Soundsystem – ‘Call The Police’ Great song, I should have put it higher. Welcome return.
24 The xx – ‘I Dare You’ Just so cool & sophisticated pop, has “11” from Stranger Things in the video
23 Cardi B – ‘Bodak Yellow’ Just wow, Bodacious. Lad’s, just watch the video and enjoy be eaten alive.
22 The Killers – ‘The Man’ A big, ballsy overblown glam stomper. Stopped liking them, but this is good.
21 The National – ‘The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness’ Great sound from a stadium band
20 Calvin Harris – ‘Slide (ft. Frank Ocean and Migos)’ The sound of summer in February.
19 The Horrors – ‘Something To Remember Me By’ I love cool, synthpop as you may have gathered.
18 Marilyn Manson – ‘We Know Where You Fucking Live’ Pure Manson, Nun’s in leather basques..
17 Stormzy – ‘Big For Your Boots’ You couldn’t escape him. You don’t have to like grime to like this.
16 Arcade Fire – ‘Everything Now’ It’s 2017 ABBA, but with a bitter cynical edge. Disappointing album.
15 Calvin Harris – ‘Feels ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry Guily pleasure, Ridiculously catchy
14 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Holy Mountain’ Now ripping off glam rock. Big & Fun record
13 Pale Waves – ‘There’s A Honey’ Shimmering guitar, lovely female vocal, new band to look out for!
12 Wolf Alice – ‘Yuk Foo’ Dirty rock out guitar song with sweary girl who landed on me at a gig
11 Gorillaz – ‘Ascension’ Album opener for the party at the end of the world, atmospheric.
10 Kasabian – ‘Bless This Acid House’ More glam rock, huge anthem, great catchy chorus, will be massive at gigs and festivals. Probably now my favourite ever Kasabian song
9 Liam Gallagher – ‘For What It’s Worth’ Liam proving why he was rated as the best band frontman back in the 90’s. Soulful & heartfelt where he is apologising for being a knob. Bet Noel is jealous!
8 Lorde – ‘Supercut’ Beautiful understated song, its really all about her voice which is just something I could listen to all day. She sounds heartbroken and confused here.
7 Paramore – ‘Hard Times’ More lovely synth, I think I love it because it reminds of the Tom Tom Club. It has such a catchy chorus, you just want to get out your chair and dance
6 Wolf Alice – ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ Is this really the same band as #12? Ethereal, dreamy pop. Lovely song “I’m typing you a message. That I know I’ll never send. Rewriting old excuses. Delete the kisses at the end.” Aaaah!
5 Dua Lipa – ‘Be The One’ In my opinion this is a much better sounding song than New Rules, not strictly new but re-released in 2017. Very soulful with a great bass line. She is so cool, I would be uncomfortable in her presence.

4 Kamasi Washington – ‘Truth’ This a jazz track, I’m not sure how to categorise it, but it has massive heart and soul, laden with gospel, it feels like a religious experience listening to all of its 14 mins. The best discovery for me in 2017.

3 Gorillaz – ‘Andromeda” Another great track from Humanz, Damon’s voice is just perfect, world weary and soulful. It has a feel of house, soul, electronica. Feels otherwordly, but Andromeda is named after a club in Colchester!

2 Lorde – ‘Green Light’ Thank the Lord that Lorde came back with such a great album which meant this was played to death on the radio which kept Ed Sheeran off it for a few minutes. She reminds me very much of Kate Bush. I dance to this whilst mowing the lawn.

1 Arcade Fire – ‘Creature Comfort’ This song was so good it made their new album feel such a letdown. Some would find its message preaching and off putting, but I like the band’s ambition and pomposity. Ultimately this is a big disco stomper with a synth as big as that in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. It will blow your speakers.

So, looking back, it feels for me that 2017 was very much influenced by the 80’s with lots of synth and electronica. I note that Grime and dance music is pretty much missing from my list, this list is just what I am listening too. So if you feel different, please post your top 5′ in the comment section and we get around to making an alternative list.

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